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Toyota Yaris Repair Manual 1993-2002

Toyota Yaris Echo 1999-2010 Repair Manual
Toyota Yaris Repair Manual
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1993 – 2002

Also covered
Toyota Echo

When beginning repair ensure the following:
1 Attire • Always wear a clean uniform.
• Hat and safety shoes must be worn.
2 Vehicle protection Prepare a grille cover, fender cover, seat cover and floor mat before starting the
3 Safe operation
• When working with 2 or more persons, be sure to check safety for one another.
• When working with the engine running, make sure to provide ventilation for exhaust
fumes in the workshop.
• If working on high temperature, high pressure, rotating, moving, or vibrating parts,
wear appropriate safety equipment and take extra care not to injure yourself or
• When jacking up the vehicle, be sure to support the specified location with a safety
• When lifting up the vehicle, use appropriate safety equipment.
4 Preparation of tools and
measuring gauge Before starting operation, prepare a tool stand, SST, gauge, oil and parts for replacement.

Some of the content covered:

A/C Air Conditioning Air Conditioner
ACL Air Cleaner Air Cleaner, A/CL
AIR Secondary Air Injection Air Injection (AI)
AP Accelerator Pedal –
B+ Battery Positive Voltage +B, Battery Voltage
BARO Barometric Pressure HAC
CAC Charge Air Cooler Intercooler
CARB Carburetor Carburetor
CFI Continuous Fuel Injection –
CKP Crankshaft Position Crank Angle
CL Closed Loop Closed Loop
CMP Camshaft Position Cam Angle

This Toyota Yaris Repair Manual is in .PDF format.