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Jeep Cherokee Service Manual 2002-2007

Jeep Cherokee Liberty 2002-2007 Repair Manual
Jeep Cherokee Liberty 2002-2007 Repair Manual
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What’s Covered in this Manual

2002 – 2007

Topics Covered:
Air Conditioning, Audio/Video, Body, Brakes, Bumpers, Chime/Buzzer, Component and System, Cooling, Differential, Driveline, Electronic Control Modules, Emission Control, Engine, Engine Systems, Exhaust System, Frame, Fuel System, Heated Systems, Heating, Horn, Ignition Control Instrument Cluster, Lamps, Message Systems, Navigation/Telecommunication, Power Systems, Quick Reference, Restraints, Security, Speed Control, Steering, Tires/Wheels, Transmission and Transfer Case, TurboCharger, Vehicle, Vehicle Theft, Wipers/Washers, Wiring

Manual Format:
This Jeep Cherokee Liberty 2002-2007 Repair Manual is in .PDF format.
enlivened by styling from the Dakar[2] and Jeepster[3] idea vehicles, the Liberty was expected as a swap for the stopped Jeep Cherokee. The Liberty likewise denoted a couple of firsts for Jeep. It was the principal Jeep vehicle to utilize rack and pinion steering.[4] It likewise the main Jeep to utilize the two then-new PowerTech motors; the 150 pull (110 kW) 2.4 L straight-4, which was ended in 2006, and the 210 drive (160 kW) 3.7 L V6. Nonetheless, the Liberty was not the principal Jeep vehicle to utilize a free front suspension, as the Jeep Wagoneer first utilized it in the 1963 model. However, that autonomous front suspension was restricted to four wheel drive forms and, and still, at the end of the day, was a brief option.[5] The Liberty was designated for the North American Truck of the Year grant for 2002.