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Honda Accord Workshop Manual 1998-2002

Honda Accord 1998-2002 Repair Manual
Honda Accord 1998-2002 Repair Manual
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What’s Covered in this Manual

1998 – 2002

Topics Covered:
Air Conditioning, Audio/Video, Body, Brakes, Bumpers, Chime/Buzzer, Component and System, Cooling, Differential, Driveline, Electronic Control Modules, Emission Control, Engine, Engine Systems, Exhaust System, Frame, Fuel System, Heated Systems, Heating, Horn, Ignition Control Instrument Cluster, Lamps, Message Systems, Navigation/Telecommunication, Power Systems, Quick Reference, Restraints, Security, Speed Control, Steering, Tires/Wheels, Transmission and Transfer Case, TurboCharger, Vehicle, Vehicle Theft, Wipers/Washers, Wiring

Manual Format:
This Honda Accord 1998-2002 Repair Manual is in .PDF format.

For the 6th era, Honda split the Accord into three separate models, intended for the Japanese, North American, and European business sectors. Notwithstanding, the cart was ceased in North America while the roadster was suspended in Japan. This age additionally brought forth two particularly marked execution variants for European and Japanese homegrown business sectors, named Type R and Euro R, separately.

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On the source of these models, it is rumored[1] that with the appearance of the 6th era Accord, “Honda England were let free to fabricate a vehicle that would rival Subaru and Mitsubishi’s Evo. They thought of the Accord Type R, a helped (around 1200 kg) track form with no stable stifling or extravagances”. Honda Japan stuck to this same pattern in 2000, “took the Accord Type R and built up the Accord Euro R (subsequently the ‘Euro’pean tag)” which has a comparable skeleton, suspension that is exchangeable with European model, same motor (somewhat detuned for European Type R), and almost indistinguishable inside trim.