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Holden Apollo Service Manual 1992-1996

Holden Apollo Service Manual 1992-1996

Holden Apollo
Toyota Camry XV10


2.2L 5S-FE I4
3.0L 1Mz-FE V6
3.0L 3VZ-FE V6

Manual & Automatic


Acquainted solely with Japan in July 1990, the Camry V30 conveyed forward the four-entryway car and a diversely styled hardtop sedan.[103] Like previously, either shape could be had in a Vista marked assortment with updated styling.[103] Both bodies would likewise frame the premise of developed wide-body XV10 variants from September 1991, pointed essentially at global markets.[104][105] The V30 stayed littler than the XV10 to offer purchasers a vehicle inside the “five-number” enlistment classification concerning outside measurements and motor removal for Japanese vehicle size regulations.[106] The standards required a body width under 1.7 m (5.6 ft), length under 4.7 m (15.4 ft), and motors at or under 2,000 cc.[107] Sedans in the wide-body configuration would sell abroad as the Camry XV10—indistinguishable from the littler V30 in many regards aside from the front-and backside styling united to a generally unaltered body and interior.[108] Hardtop cars would induce the extravagance Lexus ES 300 (XV10), which again would couple the current side profile with reiterated front, back, and inside designs.[109] The fare arranged ES 300 would sell as the Toyota Windom in Japan.[110]