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Ford Transit Service Manual 1978-1986

Ford Transit Workshop Manual 1978-1986

First generation facelift/”Mk.2″
Transit Mark II


1.6 L Kent/Crossflow I4
1.6 L Pinto I4
2.0 L Pinto I4
2.8 L Cologne V6
3.0 L Essex V6
4.1 L I6 (Upon request)
2.4 L York I4

Automatic & Manual


In August 1977, a facelifted rendition—codenamed inside Ford as the “Travel ​1978 1⁄2″— yet ordinarily alluded to as the Transit Mark II,[11] appeared with a restyled, longer nose area which could now appropriately oblige an in-line motor instead of the Essex and Cologne V4s – along these lines the Pinto motor from the Cortina turned into the Transit’s predominant force unit. Many armada proprietors experienced untimely camshaft wear in early Pinto units in the Cortina and for a long time the Transit 75 was accessible with the 1.6 L Ford Kent cross-stream motor. Elite renditions proposed for police or emergency vehicle utilize utilized the 3.0 L V6 adaptation of the Essex motor, Australian variations had 4.1 L (250 cu in) inline 6-chamber motors, from September 1978. The 100 PS (74 kW; 99 hp) 3.0 was additionally accessible in some heavier obligation models.[19] The new frontal styling aligned the Transit back with the remainder of Ford of Europe’s traveler vehicle scope of the period with square headlamps and the dark louvered grille, in spite of the fact that the back styling stayed unaltered. The fairly simple metal dashboard of the Mk1 with its single instrument binnacle was supplanted with a full width plastic sash with a more far reaching instrument bunch and switchgear taken from the Taunus/Cortina Mk.4.