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Ford Territory Workshop Manual 2004-2011

Ford Territory Workshop Manual

Ford Territory Workshop Manual 2004-2011

Ford Territory
Ford EA169


4.0 L Barra I6 (petrol)

4-speed M93LE automatic (SX; SY RWD)


The Ford Territory is a hybrid SUV worked by Ford Australia that was presented in April 2004 and created until October 2016. It depends on the EA169 stage presented by the 2002 BA arrangement Falcon, and its inner task codename was E265. Victor of different car grants since its presentation, the Territory was the primary SUV to win the desired Australian title of Wheels Car of the Year in 2004, civility of satisfactory taking care of and kid conveying limit.

Portage Australia purportedly burned through A$500 million on building up this vehicle over a four-year period.[1] Many Australian toolmakers were commended for their cost intensity in keeping this expense so low, not as modest as the Japanese, yet much lower than Detroit-based vehicles. Detroit was keen to this cost sparing from Australia, however before long turned its back when the Territory was divulged. Aside from being the sole Australian-made SUV, it was additionally the primary neighborhood vehicle to include electronic strength control.[2]

Creation of the Territory finished on 7 October 2016.[3]