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Ford Maverick Repair Manual 1988-1997

Ford Maverick DA 1987-1997

Ford Maverick DA
Nissan Patrol Y60 Series
Fourth Generation
Nissan Patrol Safari (Philippines)
Nissan Safari (Japan)
Ford Maverick (Australia)


2.8 L RD28T I6-T (diesel)
3.0 L RB30S I6 (petrol)
4.2 L TB42S/TB42E I6 (petrol)
4.2 L TD42 I6 (diesel)

Automatic & Manual


The Y60 was profoundly extraordinary precisely from its ancestors as it was the principal Patrol with curl sprung suspension, expanding solace and harsh ground taking care of. All Y60 Patrols had a three-connect live hub suspension set-up at the front, with all carts (SWB, LWB and SWB LW) embracing a five-interface set-up at the back. The utility model was accessible with both a leaf spring back pivot and from 1994 onwards a decision of a similar loop spring back hub as the carts. Influence bars were remembered for both front and back loop sprung live axles. Force guiding was standard. Some cart models had front and back circle brakes while the ute held back drum brakes. The presentation of a synchromesh on invert gear was another improvement.

The elective model codes of GR and GQ were applied to left-and right-hand drive models, individually.

Most models had a back restricted slip differential and a few variations had a vacuum or electric solenoid worked manual back differential lock. A back influence bar discharge component showed up on certain models. Some Y60s had a PTO-driven front-mounted winch, with an in-taxi control switch to one side of the gearstick.