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Audi A4 inc. RS4 Repair Manual 2008-2016

Audi A4 inc. RS4 Repair Manual 2008-2016

A4, S4
B8 8K
RS4 Models (2006-2008 only)


3.0L 6-Cylinder V90, Supercharged & Intercooled, DOHC-VVT, TFSI Petrol
4.2 L naturally-aspirated V8 FSI (2006-2008 only)

7-Speed Dual-Clutch Transmission (0B5 S-TRONIC)
6-Speed Manual Transmission (0B4)


The quattro perpetual four-wheel drive framework utilizes the most recent Torsen T-3 focus differential, with a default 40:60 front to raise unbalanced force dispersion proportion (utilized first on the B7 RS4) as standard. (Past A4 Quattro models split force with a default front:rear 50:50). The extra force predisposition applied to the back wheels helps mirror the driving elements of back wheel drive vehicles.

Audi was accounted for to quit offering 3.2L V6 models in 2010 model year,[46] yet at the same time offers them as of August 2011 (Germany).

All petroleum motors use Fuel Stratified Injection (FSI), and all diesel motors utilize the basic rail fuel conveyance (with a weight of 1,600 bars (23,000 psi)), with piezo injectors of their Turbocharged Direct Injection motors.

With the 2012 facelift (the B8.5) came extra 163ps TDIe and TDI Ultra motors, the last requiring the expansion of adblue considering cleaner running, the two of which fell into the lower outflows charge section for the UK, yet introducing a huge presentation improvement over the base 136ps and mid-go 143ps models.[47]


In 2009, Audi reported the seven-speed S-Tronic double grip programmed transmission as a possibility for A4 in the UK and European markets.[48]

All A4L models incorporate Speed 8 multitronic persistently factor/manual transmission, aside from A4L 3.2 FSI quattro, which incorporates Tiptronic programmed transmission.

Volkswagen settled a legal claim in 2013 including the disappointments of the CVT transmission in its Audi A4 and A6 autos for model years 2002–2006[49]